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Smog Check

Do you need an emissions test to ensure that your vehicle is road-ready? Contact Delta Auto Electric Inc. now. Not only are we certified to do smog inspections, but we can also do the repairs necessary to bring your vehicle back up to code. We offer a complete range of services to ensure your vehicle meets all emissions testing standards.

For fast, affordable, and reliable smog tests, book an appointment with our experts now.

Fast and Affordable Smog Tests

While you may be required by authorities to take a smog test, you’re not required to pay exorbitant fees. Where other garages might try to make a quick buck off government regulations, we believe that it’s an essential service for the community. That’s why we keep our prices low and our service fast.

High standards don’t have to come with a high price tag. Book an appointment for a smog inspection at Delta Auto Electric Inc. now!

What Is Included in a Smog Check?

Smog checks are an essential part of car ownership. Choosing the right smog shop can mean the difference between a vehicle that’s permitted to be on the road and one that’s not.

Our smog tests are composed of three basic parts. In some cases, the make and model of your vehicle may exempt it from one or more of these tests. We will discuss these details with you when you bring it into the shop.

The Visual Inspection

Our emissions testers will begin by inspecting the exterior condition of your exhaust system. They will be looking for evidence of rust, corrosion, fractures, punctures, and other damages that may cause toxic fumes to leak out of the pipes.

The Functional Inspection

We will then run a series of tests on your vehicle’s on-board diagnostic system. This will include the check engine light and other diagnostic features. Modern cars are designed with built-in diagnostic systems that help smog centers perform more accurate tests.

The Emissions Inspection

Once the basics have been covered, it will be time to assess the actual emissions present in your vehicle’s exhaust. The most common pollutants that we find are:

  • Carbon monoxide
  • Nitrous oxide
  • Hydrocarbon

If these are found to be in excess of local regulations, your vehicle will fail the test and may require repairs.

Smog Check Repairs

If your vehicle fails to pass the emissions test, don’t worry. We can perform the repairs on-site!

Our team of certified exhaust and engine specialists will take care of you. Our mechanics are trained to bring vehicles back up to local regulatory standards so that you don’t have to get back on the road until your vehicle is road ready.

Best of all, there’s no delay. We’ll slot you in as soon as there’s availability. In many cases, it’s same day service! And if not, the wait won’t be long.

Call Your Local Smog Station

We believe that emissions testing is an important part of improving air quality for ourselves and our children. If you recently bought a pre-owned vehicle or moved from another part of the country, bring your vehicle in and get a quick, affordable, and reliable inspection from Delta Auto Electric Inc..

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